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When do you learn the slashing of factorization?

When do you learn factorization?

I think there are many people who think that they will learn in junior high school.
However, learning sash is high school math I.

It seems that it is a difficult reference book, and depending on the junior high school teacher, it may be learned in junior high school.

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Curriculum Guidelines for Tasukigake

You can check the guidelines for sash-gake below.

>>Mathematics I lesson plan(pdf material)<

However, I also learn factorization in junior high school, so there is no loss even if I know it from junior high school students.
So, I would like to finish by introducing the recommended articles on this site!

Learn more about factoring!

To factorization TOP

problem of crossing

There are 25 questions, so I think you'll get used to it!

I want to read it together
25 practice problems for factorization to be solved by crossing | There are difficult questions! We have prepared 25 practice questions that can be solved by crossing as a practice for crossing!Can you solve them all?The three exercises have the following themes:Basic sash-gake training...
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